Before you started:

  1. You will need to set up Company Locations and Spending Accounts on sweatcrew.

  2. Ensure Company Locations on sweatcrew exactly match the Company Locations on BambooHR word for word. i.e Ottawa = Ottawa

  3. Only Employees that match locations will be imported

Create API Key

Create sweatcrew Benefit Plan

Enroll Employees in sweatcrew Benefit Plan

Create BambooHR sweatcrew Report

Create BambooHR sweatcrew Announcement

Add Employees to sweatcrew

Create API Key

  1. Log into your BambooHR account

  2. Click on your user image

  3. Click API Key in the dropdown

  4. Click Add New Key Button

  5. Enter API Key Name: sweatcrew

  6. Click Generate Key Button

  7. Copy key and paste after API Key Name

  8. Click Done

  9. Provide Domain Name and API Key to your sweatcrew Account Manager

Create sweatcrew Benefit Plan

Note: This is only required if a reimbursement plan does not exist. An existing plan that meets sweatcrew’s requirements can be used. However, we suggest renaming the plan to sweatcrew for consistency and to avoid employee confusion.

  1. Click the Settings Gear icon

  2. Under Accounts, click on Benefits

  3. Click on the Add New Plan dropdown

  4. Select Reimbursement

  5. Enter Plan Name: sweatcrew

  6. Enter Plan Starts Date

  7. Enter reimbursement amount

  8. Click on USD to change to the desired currency

  9. Select Every year from the dropdown

  10. Enter Plan URL:

  11. Click Save and Finish Button

  12. Click on the newly created sweatcrew plan

  13. Select Benefit Groups Canada Salary

  14. Click Save Plan Button

Enroll Employees in sweatcrew plan

Note: Not required if there is an existing plan.

  1. Click the Settings Gear icon

  2. Under Accounts, click on Benefits

  3. Click on the Add New Plan dropdown

  4. Click the Benefits Power Edit button

  5. Select Employees: Choose the employees or Benefit Groups to be enrolled.

  6. Editing Options: Select make the changes for the whole group

  7. Select Benefits: Select sweatcrew benefit plans

  8. Click "Next Step" to go to Benefit Information

  9. Select Effective Date

  10. Select Enrollment Status

  11. Click Next Step Button

  12. Click Save and Finish Button

BambooHR sweatcrew Report

Note: The filters used below are only an outline. This can be adjusted based on the needs of the company.

  1. Click on Reports

  2. Click New Report Button

  3. Enter Report Name: sweatcrew

  4. Select Fields:


Delete First name, Last name option

First name

Last name

Employee #


Work Email


Employment Status: Employment Status

Job Information: Location

Job Information: Department


sweatcrew Status


Employee photo

Filter Results

  1. Click on all Employees Dropdown

  2. Select “only employees” that match “all”

  3. Click Add Filter

  4. Filter 1:
    Select Status
    Select is Active

  5. Click Add Filter

  6. Filter 2:
    Select sweatcrew - Status
    Select includes
    Select Enrolled and Eligible

  7. Click Add Filter

  8. Filter 3 (optional)
    Select Location
    Select includes
    Select locations

  9. Click Save

  10. Provide Report ID to your sweatcrew Account Manager. You can get the report number by hovering over the report name on the reports page and grabbing the ID.

BambooHR sweatcrew Announcement (optional)

  1. On the home screen, Click Announcements located to the right of What’s Happening

  2. Click New Announcement Button

  3. Enter Announcement Title:

  4. Copy and Paste Announcement details

  5. Under Send announcement to, click Edit

  6. Select Only Some Employees from the dropdown

  7. Click Save Button

  8. Click Publish and Email

Next step is to add Employees to sweatcrew.

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