Before you start you will need to set up the following:

  • Company Departments

  • Company Locations

Step 1: Setup CVS file

Structure your CSV with a header row and then the rows of employees as follows:

Note: Any employees missing from the upload list will be switched to NOT active.

Note: Name and Email are the minimum requirements

First-row column headings:

Example First Row Header:

name, empNum, emailMain, role, jobType, department, location, active, credit

  1. name (Firstname Lastname)

  2. emailMain (work email)

  3. empNum (optional employee number)

  4. role (employee, committee, corpAdmin)

  5. jobType (partTime, fullTime, mgmt)

  6. department - use a valid key or a fragment of the name to set the user department

  7. location (key or name fragment of location)

  8. active (optional; true or false/none; default true)

  9. credit (optional: remaining credits)

Subsequent Rows:

Example for Subsequent Rows:

John Smith, 1003, [email protected], employee, fullTime, market, Montreal, true, 293

Step 2: Upload CVS file

  1. Log in to your sweatcrew account if you have not already done so.

  2. Click on Emp Upload

  3. Click Upload CSV File

  4. Select CSV file

  5. Click Upload button

Step 3: Verify Employee Upload

  1. Click Employees to view uploaded employess

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