Before you start:

  1. Check that Locations match the locations in Bamboo HR

  2. Check that Spending Accounts are set to the correct Locations

To add Employees using Bamboo HR

Step 1: Add Bamboo HR details

  1. Click on My Company on the left-side navigation

  2. Select API tab

  3. Enter Bamboo HR Api Key

  4. Enter Bamboo HR SubDomain (e.g.,

  5. Enter Bamboo HR sweatcrew Report ID

  6. Click Save

Step 2: Import Employee

  1. Click on Emp Upload on the left-side navigation

  2. Click Retrieve Employees from Bamboo HR Button

Step 3: Verify

  1. Click on Employees on the left-side navigation

  2. Confirm uploaded employees have the correct Image, Name, Department, Location, Spending Account, Credits, Status

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