Before you start you will need to set up the following:

  • Company Departments

  • Company Locations in My Company

Add Spending Accounts

  1. Click My Company in the left-side navigation

  2. Select the Spending Account tab

  3. Select Reimbursement Method (sweatcrew, internal, Nexonia, Accounting Department, etc.)

  4. Click the Plus Icon

  5. Enter Spending Account Name

  6. Select Location

  7. Select Job Type

  8. Set Allotment per year amount

  9. Set Match amount

  10. Click the Plus Icon to enter an additional Spending Account

  11. Click Save when all Spending Accounts are added

Edit Spending Accounts

  1. Select Spending Account and edit desired fields

  2. Click Save when done editing

Delete Spending Accounts

  1. Spending Account and click the trash icon

  2. Click Delete

Note: Changes will impact current associated employees. Please contact us to help make any updates.

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